Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ornithology Corner

The recent cold weather and extreme conditions in just about every part of the country except Millbrook (no snow here whatsoever, folks) has brought some welcome visitors.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I have seen quite literally hundreds of redwing foraging for food in our relatively unfrozen part of the world. Redwings usually spend the winter months on the northwest coast, close to the Irish sea or in the south east. There are two distinct populations; one breeds in Iceland (wintering north west UK), one breeds in Scandinavia (wintering south east UK).

Which population has reached Millbrook is anyone's guess, but it's the first time we've spotted them here.
Not quite so unusual, the common song thrush is a year round resident, but I've rarely got quite such a good sighting as yesterday, just outside Millbrooker Towers.

Other sightings, unusual for this area, have been made of lapwings and fieldfares; I don't have any photos of them, though.

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