Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Honey Room

Mrs The Millbrooker and I took a minor constitutional yesterday, despite the grey skies and traditional Cornish weather (drizzle).

Our avowed intent was to visit the charity shop in West Street and then try out Millbrook's latest commercial venture: The Honey Room.

The charity shop visit was fruitful, I got my hands on an old style hairbrush and mirror set of the type often seen atop a dressing table. Hideous looking thing, but exactly what I need as a prop for the next show - and for only 50 of our English pennies!
From thence it was but a short hop into Jo and Rose's excellent greengrocery shop and out through the back into their Honey Room cafe.And what I delight we found within - it's a light and airy space with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It's exactly what Millbrook has been crying out for: a relaxed cafe to meet in, to chat, to simply pass the time.

Rather fittingly, and completely unexpectedly, the place seemed to be mostly populated by cast members from Snow White: The Wicked Queen was there, sharing a table with Snow White and Prince Kevin (AKA Tooty McBadass); Sleepy the dwarf was at another table and Ross the sound-and-lighting man (who, it should be said is also a performer in his own right) was behind the counter doing his day job. Ollie (remember Ollie and Ivy?) is also employed within.

The menu is vegetarian and very reasonably priced:Must say, my latte accompanied by a slice of date and apple flapjack was scrummy. Mrs The Millbrooker thoroughly enjoyed her Cornish Easter biscuit, too.

There's a potted history of the building on the menu as well, which makes for interesting reading:
Should you find yourself in West Street and fancying a wee snackette or decent cup of the warm stuff, do give The Honey Room a try: in through Widdicombe Fare's shop front and turn right; you'll not be disappointed. In better weather than we had yesterday, you can sit in the garden as well - now that sounds like a pleasant spot to while away an afternoon.

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