Wednesday, February 03, 2010

We Had a Fishy on a Little Dishy

On Saturday evening last weekend, Shazzerooneypoos was brave enough to allow Mrs The Millbrooker and me into her abode to share a supper along with convalescing resident Dong and the Dong-sis, Jenny.

Here's Dong fondly fondling a bottle of his favourite substance (in this instance it's a Red Leb, kindly donated by Jenny). I know what you're thinking: "Red Leb doesn't come in a bottle, it's a rather pungent and effective resin". Assuming you are thinking that, you're obviously a stoner (or an ex-stoner) who is familiar with the huge varieties of smokables that used to be freely available in one's dim and distant youth; Black Moroccan, Rocky, Acapulco Gold.... ah, dreamy and (very) hazy days of yore...

But, as so oft before, I digress. The Red Leb in question is a fine bottle of Hochar from the oft war-torn Lebanon. Lebanese wine making is very old art indeed; the country lays claim to the location of the first New Testament miracle at the modern town of Qana, you know (and, no - the fact that I have a moderate knowledge of theology does not make me a believer). Indeed Lebanese wines were highly sought after throughout the known world in ancient times.

The bottle in the shot above was the second of two; both yummy and both gratefully received down the gullets of us thirsty Millbrookian types.

Dinner, as cooked and served by Shazzerooneypoos, was a very scrummy fish pie and freshly shelled peas (I'm told that Dong was given the task of pea shelling - a fine piece of physiotherapy, I'm sure).We made fairly short work of Little Lush Lewis's fine main course cooking skills and moved on to a scrummity pudding: peach and ginger fool. Naturally, Auntie Sharon couldn't stop herself giving the pud a smiley face.The small (but most select) gathering was augmented at a later hour by J.Edgar and his paramour Catherine. J.Edgar, you might recall, joined the navy back in the summer and is now doing specialist training inside deepest enemy territory (near Redruth) before receiving whatever posting the people with sparkly scrambled egg on their shoulders decide to give him.You'll be unsurprised to learn that the evening wore on and much bollocks was talked as we worked our way heroically through a decent bottle of Cru Cantemerle and then another red liquid of which I forget the provenance (this is, after all, following the Red Leb x 2).

I learned that Dong has been erroneously telling me for years that if I talk nicely to his sister I could get a tour of her workplace which has a view of the Oval (ideal for sneaking a free view of a test match). Jenny has generously said that we're welcome to visit her place of employment, but there is no view of the famed test venue. Bah. We'll doubtless take up the opportunity of a tour of the Imperial War Museum, though, thanks Jenny.
As with nearly all such occasions, the evening drew to a close and Mrs The Millbrooker took me home before I had to be removed in disgrace. Many thanks to Shazzerooneypoos for cooking and hosting, we had a grand old time.

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