Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back At The Beeb

The walking legend that is Simon Pauley, broadcaster and bicycle writer-offer extraordinaire, ran out of material featuring my dulcet tones and had to resort to radio chicanery by re-broadcasting an Insight Adventure from many moons ago last week.

Luckily, we'd arranged a meeting over the purportedly crystal clear ISDN lines of the BBC to record some more. Not adventures (we're doing that this coming Wednesday), some more recipes and amiable chit-chat.

Mrs The Millbrooker was otherwise engaged, so I had to use the increasingly infrequent bus service and then shanks' pony up to Seymour Road in Jannerland.

On arrival I was shown into the wee "NCA" studio (what's "NCA"? - Not a clue, but that's what the Beeb people call it, so I'll just try and sound knowledgeable and copy them).
Yep - 'tis glamorous in the world of broadcasting, just look at the luxury and comfort and high-tech state-of-the-art equipment. Also note professional looking broadcaster's attache case artfully slung against the wall and the thoughtfully positioned hatstand cunningly disguised as recording equipment.

Well anyway, we managed to get seven 10 minute-ish chats down and they should be going out one-by-one on Tuesday mornings on Simon's Morning Mix programme.

Meanwhile, this is yours truly in the studio utilising the old stretch-your-arm-out-and-point-the-camera-at-yourself technique to ensure that readers of this drivel didn't miss out on a nice shot of my (relatively) newly beardless physog.


Insight Radio: or SKY channel 0188 or Freesat channel 777 (also on FM but only if you're in Glasgow).

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Steve said...

The Beeb like their three letter acronyms!

NCA is a "Network Contribution Area" - a basic studio used for contributions to other stations.

Not to be confused with an NPA which is the news studio or "News Production Area"