Monday, March 22, 2010

Gigspanner News

Ok - I did a little precursor posting a while back; a sort of "sometime in the far flung future" piece about those groovy Gigspanner boys returning to the cradle of civilization that is the Rame Peninsula.

Now, it's getting much closer to the return of the threesome, and tickets are available.
I'll try that again, for the hard of hearing:

You know how quickly these gigs sell out, Peter and his Spanners are world class at what they do; their fame and their reputation is spreading - don't miss this chance to see the gig of the year in these parts.

So - that's

Saturday 22nd May

Maker with Rame Community Hall

£10 a throw
You can buy tickets direct from Peter and Debs: just click here. Or, I'll be trying to get a block order together to save on the P&P fees - you can let me know you'd like tickets through these pages or (if you know the contact details) email or phone Mrs The Millbrooker or me.
And, you lucky people, I've a wee treat for you from the wonder that is YouTube. Gigspanner now has a couple of official videos on show. A tremendous workout of "Sharpe Goes Walkabout" filmed at Blockley in Gloucestershire and (Dong's favourite) the minimalist spartan blues of "Sitting On Top of the World" filmed at Holy Cross Hall in Lichfield. Anyone who's not seen/heard Peter Knight play his unorthodox pizzicato blues on the fiddle really needs to watch SOTotW.

And to answer to question on the lips of the more far flung readers who've not encountered my rampant enthusiasm for these guys, yes that is Peter Knight of Steeleye Span notoriety. (Sorry, Peter, just consider it an occupational hazard of having a long career in the public eye and at least I've not done the Great Uncle Bulgaria thing).

From Crackerjack in 1976...

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