Sunday, May 30, 2010

And that makes four...

Goodness me, but it seems my fame has no beginning.

I'm delighted and flattered to welcome another follower to these pages; a fourth to add to the long-standing Anitsirac who checks up on her dad's nefarious activities when he and I empty a bottle or two between us (this will be happening again tonight in all probability, Anitsirac, just so's you know). 

A fourth to add to our wonderful Kiwi friend Judith who is currently hunkering down for the autumn / winter season in that inverted world of hers. Check out Judith's thoughts here (or use the link on the right).

A fourth to add to the lovely Jes who is probably skimming the waves as I write. I'm not sure if Jes keeps a blog; I've failed to spot a link on her profile.

Yes, indeed, a very warm Millbrookian welcome to Jenn (what is with all these women who's names begin with J?) who is tuning in from Ireland to find out what sort of utter nonsense is happening in our wee corner of Cornwall. Nice to meet you, Jenn.

Jenn lives not a million miles from here, and just for Jes it's a nice photo of boats:

(photo shamelessly stolen from Jenn's blog)

You can get a peek at Jenn's locale on her blog.

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