Saturday, May 22, 2010

The High Lord and BathNick are in Town

Mrs The Millbrooker and I are in one of those cleaning-the-house frenzies prior to the arrival of those groovy Gigspanner boys who will be dossing down in the confines of Millbrooker Towers after the performance in Kingsand tonight.

And after the late session that will inevitably follow in an amenable landlord's hostelry way after hours.

And after a nightcap or three back here in the comfort of our own living room. I have plans to force  some home-made mead down them, but a decent enough late bottle vintage port will be on offer too.

Good God, last time that rock'n'roll party legend Roger Flack stayed it was gone four in the morning before we finally gave in to bodily demands for sleep.

However, other honoured guests arrived last night in time to partake of a hastily thrown together risotto. And in time to partake of a pint or two of Russell and Mark's new "guest Ale" (Jurassic Ale) at the D&C.. L-R Mrs The Millbrooker, BathNick and The High Lord of Southwick.

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