Friday, June 18, 2010

Me Old Mucker Is A Technophobe

Now, I don't pretend to be anything like expert at operating a computer.

I have a moderate knowledge of where to point and click - that's about it.

My old mate Anal with whom I spent many a happy year messing about in bands (he's a great bassist and an equally good guitarist; I'm just the show-off who stood at the front and howled down a microphone) has just got in touch. Here we are, The Family Fruitbowl (L-R Anal, Charlie Bishop, Bruce Treasure of SubHumans and a very young me when I had hair).

Some time ago, Anal sent me a copy of one of his more recent compositions, do give it a spin, it's called "Living Inside The Grasshopper Man" and the video below was put together by yours truly featuring all sorts of photos of Anal taken on holidays and the like. If you have any difficulty playing it here - you can click to it instead.

Anyway, the reason for this posting is an email (slightly edited for the sensitive) that I've just received that made me laugh out loud. Anal is a potty-mouthed old git, and it shows.

"Dearest Millbrooker,
I thought I'd write to let you know that I am having oodles of fun with my 8-track recorder.  I have eight songs now; seven of which are finished(ish) and the last one with which I am struggling.  You already have one of them - Grasshopper Man - and you may have heard one or two of the others at the 'ideas stage'.  If I send you these songs one at a time, would you please listen to them and give me some sort of feed-back on vocal ideas.  
I am a bass player/ rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist - that is my forte.  However, I am neither a lead guitarist, drummer or lead vocalist.  I don't let this detract from my enjoyment of playing and recording all the parts, but it would be interesting to have some input from friends who are 'specialists' in the above fields [I think he means me in terms of vocalising].  

Have a listen, have a sing-along and more important, sing as if you were the singer in 'the band' so to speak.  Change bits if you feel the need.  I can send you these songs both with and without the vocals so you can 'karoke' the part.  You might think I'm a c**t. You'd be right of course, but there again you might think not.
Well that's the easy bit, now I have to try and send this fucking email to you without smashing the computer to shittery.
I fucking hate the dot com world.
Trust all is well with all
Anal c**ty bollocks
ps I have no intention of learning how to correctly spell karoke"

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