Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Present Through The Post

This afternoon a mysteriously large cardboard box was delivered to Millbrooker Towers by a man in a van. I was expecting it, but nonetheless it was very exciting.
The High Lord of Southwick in a minor fit of huge generosity decided that I needed a birthday-cum-thanks-for-hospitality present and had already checked out that this would be what I wanted.

A little bit of unwrapping later and the wondrous beast within the box was revealed.
Yes, indeed, 'tis a Washburn D10SB acoustic guitar.

I used to own a Washburn D10 many moons ago but wife-the-first put a hammer through it a short while after we stopped speaking to each other. Ah well, there's life for you.

Mrs The Millbrooker has kindly allowed me to make use of her rather smart and high quality Yamaha instrument (right below) for the last few years... 
...but I'm not allowed to take it out "on the road" with The Wreckers. Now I've got a big black one to plink outdoors with a bunch of anarcho-Morris dancers. Note new strap which refers to the standard of my playing rather than anything else.

I want to say a huge thank you to The High Lord of Southwick for his outstanding generosity. The guitar has a great, bright sound and is a delight to play with a lovely low action. It was just a semi-tone flat on delivery, so tuning was a very quick and easy job.

Thank you, High Lord.

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Judith said...

Oo-er! What a handsome beast! (the guitar.)