Friday, July 09, 2010

Mrs The Millbrooker is Clever. Official.

For seemingly endless posts earlier in the year (see Black Prince Day amongst others), I found myself referring to what amounted to solo expeditions, or minor adventures in the company of Dozybean whilst Mrs The Millbrooker slaved over a hot word processing program to produce the final piece of work toward an MA.

The official results are due to be published very soon, but the man in charge of the course at Bath Spa university has let it be known that the 18000 word opus about Martin McDonagh's works in relation to folk and fairy tales (yes, I know, a tad above me too) has -  having been marked, re-marked and moderated - achieved a very decent mark indeed.

This makes Mrs The Millbrooker entitled to plonk the letters MA after her name, prompting Dozybean to start teaching NooNoo that his Nana is now to be called NanaBaMa (that'll be BA and MA, then).

Celebration were, of course, in order and Dozybean kindly sponsored a bottle of something bubbly.
Since this news, for reasons of educational and academic necessity, Mrs The Millbrooker has attended an afternoon's session at Plymouth City College where she has also been formally declared to be literate and numerate. Now, with a degree and a masters, I'd have thought that at least the literacy could be taken as read - but such are the mysteries of academe.  

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