Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh Land of My Fathers

Now, if I were being strictly accurate "Land of my Fathers" would be quite close to our current abode; my old boy, his old boy, his old boy and so on until we run out of records were born and bred in Plymouth and its surrounds.

But one generation ago, dad decided to leave his native shores and seek his fortune in the Bath area and so The Millbrooker-Sis and I got to be born in the Wiltshire town of Bradford on Avon. 

Bradford on Avon is also a favourite spot for a bite to eat and a pootle for Milly and Trickers with whom we spent a couple days over the weekend, and so on Monday I got to revisit the delightful little town, although I note the town authorities have failed to mark the important birth place with a suitable statue; not even a plaque, dammit.

The Dog and Fox was the first port of call...
...for a plateload of its legendary ham, egg and chips each. The enormous portion of Wiltshire ham is hiding underneath the eggs - how do they do this for under a fiver?
The Dog and Fox is one of those tucked away places, unless you know pretty well where you're heading you might have a problem finding it. And yet it's only a short way from Bradford on Avon's town centre.

In a vain attempt to walk off one or two chips' worth of calories, a meander around the town ensued. Rather than bore you rigid with an abundance of waffle, here are a few snaps. Pretty, innit?
Later that evening, Mrs The Millbrooker and I met up with Jude at The Larkhall Inn, oddly enough - it's in Larkhall (a district of Bath, for the uninitiated).
Jude is an old friend of Mrs The Millbrooker's, whom I'd not met before and my ever-loving hadn't seen for fifteen years - a jolly pleasant chinwag that lasted until kicking out time was enjoyed by all over a gentle pint or two. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of Jude in the not-too-distant. But perhaps not if she spots that the one and only photo of the evening has been published on the world wide web and that she gets to win the unflattering photo of the day award at the first attempt.

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