Friday, July 30, 2010

Pirate Radio

I've just received another comment from Realmillbrookerbornandbred who has some news about the Millbrook-born campaign to get the bars (and suchlike perks) out of Westminster:

So, Pirate Radio listeners and others who are interested in this issue - have a listen if you can on Monday (or it might be Tuesday). A Millbrookian is doing their bit. 

"I have just had a radio interview with PirateFM about the Campaign to get the bars out of Westminster group. It will be aired during the news reports on Monday (maybe Tuesday)Listen out for someone from the 'Taxpayers Alliance' it will link into that interview. Listen in folks ... Janner in action!! ...

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Julie Green said...

Realmillbrookerbornandbred why cant i join your facebook group i found it via this blog using google and my request for membership to the group was refused maybe its because im not local :(

Please make it open so people can actually join.

Many Thanks