Monday, July 12, 2010

Sheryll "hic-burp-fart-poop" Murray

I'm hugely indebted to an old mate from The 'Ark of Fiendship (I've chosen not to use his name in case he wants to maintain any form of civil relations with our dreadful old sot of an MP).

Many readers, especially those from Millbrook itself, will be well aware of my opinion of Sheryll Murray MP for South East Cornwall. Anyone who isn't aware of my exasperation that such a dreadful windbag is "representing" our lovely corner of this earth in the mother of parliaments can probably get an idea from what I've just this second written.
Anyway, my old mucker from The 'Ark has kindly forwarded this delightful story which he found on a "yachting forum".

"...Conservative chiefs also apologised after another MP, Sheryll Murray, was allegedly rude to a parliamentary official after she...had been drinking on the terrace [of the Houses of Parliament] overlooking the Thames.

The extraordinary scenes came during a six hour drinking session that lasted until 2.30am on Wednesday, involving dozens of MPs and their aides.

Commons bars took a record £5000 during the evening as tax payer subsidised [my italics] Pimm's, wine, beer and champagne flowed.

Witnesses said that a 'significant' number of MPs who took part in the budget vote were either drunk or under the influence of alcohol.

'It was disgusting,' said a female MP. 'The chamber and the voting lobbies stank of booze...
There they were voting through the most drastic Budget in decades and some MPs barely knew where they were let alone what they were voting for. Some could hardly stand.' [It is not known whether Mrs Murray was able to walk without wobbling, draw your own conclusions - The Millbrooker]

...Another MP said 'Several people were legless. The Tory newcomers were the worst [Sheryll Murray is a Tory newcomer and apparently an apology had to be made - The Millbrooker], but Labour MPs were knocking it back too.' "

Thank you Mr G for sending the link; I'm delighted that you're still reading an even happier that you passed on this wonderful piece of scurrilous news.

Credit for original piece:

This post has attracted the most comments for any one post that I've had - thank you to all commentators.

Someone calling themselves "Realmillbrookerbornandbred" has opened a Facebook campaign group called CAMPAIGN TO TAKE THE BARS OUT OF WESTMINSTER in outrage that the people whom we elect to represent us have subsidised drinking facilities almost unheard of in the rest of the employed world.

If you're on Facebook and you think the subsidised bars in Westminster are a perk too far (and perhaps a temptation too far for some of our legislators) please consider signing up.   


Anonymous said...

joursiI agree, a newly elected MP behaving in this way! Shame on you Sheryll you cannot represent your constituents in a drunken state. Surely you should set an example to the younger generation. Has your large salary & expenses gone to your head?

Anonymous said...

just to make sure its not a totally one sided blog post shall we.

Another new Tory MP, South East Cornwall's Sheryll Murray, denied being rude to a Commons doorkeeper after "a couple of glasses of wine". She said: "I don't recall any altercation."

not to mention the only reason we are having the inquiry into whitsand bay's dumping is down to Sheryll.

The Millbrooker said...

Shame that either of my commentators above chose anonymity, but there you go.

In answer to this being a "one sided blog": of course it is, just like the Daily Express is a filthy Tory rag, just as Mrs Murray's website is very pro-Sheryll.

It's simply the case that I can't stand the woman.

Anonymous said...

I didnt say one sided blog but one sided blog post :)

Maybe we can have an entry on the phantom election expenses of the left party or 'the reds' apparantly spent £0 in SE Cornwall.

Despite myself getting a leaflet and me seeing (a few) posters fly tipped on some trees.

As for being anonymous im far from it but i dont see your full name and address published Millbrooker ?

The Millbrooker said...

Regarding my own anonymity, it's really not very difficult to find me from this blog if you so wish - anonymous comments however have no back links. Any commentator's right to anonymity is, of course, entirely respected and of their own choice.

(I'm moderately sure that most Millbrookian readers know exactly who I am.)

For pro-Sheryll postings try her website, for properly balanced reporting under regulation and governmental guidelines try the BBC. For, and I quote myself, "opinionated nonsense from the largest village in Cornwall" stick with The Daily(ish) Millbrook.

A glance through older postings from when the viciously authoritarian and rightist "Labour" government was occupying the corridors of power should confirm that I hold no candle for that appalling shower of charlatans either.

Onwards and upwards whilst whistling The Red Flag, men.....and I, too, am smiling :-); thanks for reading and thanks for caring enough to comment.

RealMillbrookerbornandbred said...

Two questions arise from this story:
1. How many employers provide bars and subsidised (by the taxpayer) champagne and other booze for their workers at the workplace?

2. Although not pro Murray myself, I find it difficult to reconcile your comment that she is a 'dreadful old sot'. Sooo much of your blog is about the alcohol that you drink/brew - do you ever spend a day without imbibing alcohol? Pot and kettle maybe?

The Millbrooker said...

In answer to question 1 - I have no idea how many employers provide subsidised alcohol, but I'd be prepared to bet it's rather few.

As for the second point: I'm certainly a dreadful old sot myself, but never on duty.

A single glass of wine an hour or two before booking on would see the likes of me sacked on the spot.

RealMillbrookerbornandbred said...

I have 'googled', asked friends and associates and looked at various company websites and I can't find ONE employer who provides (subsidised or otherwise) alcohol at the workplace. Some do provide such facilities for 'out of hours' use by their employees,which begs the question 'Why are there bars at Westminster and why is the tax payer subsidising them?' I will contact our MP to start a campaign to end this practice... wish me luck!

As for Mrs Murray ... you can take the girl out of Millbrook but you can't take Millbrook out of the girl!

The Millbrooker said...

Thank you, RealMillbrookerbornandbred, I certainly do wish you luck in your campaign; if I can help please count me in.

RealMillbrookerbornandbred said...

Well small beginnings maybe but I have created a facebook group. You and your blog readers will find it by typing:CAMPAIGN TO TAKE THE BARS OUT OF WESTMINSTER. in the search box on the home page. Feel free to join, the more the merrier

The Millbrooker said...

I've added a postscript to the "hic-burp-fart-poop" posting re your Facebook campaign. I only have a marginal Facebook presence as a "company" so I don't know if I can sign up to your campaign there - but I will try.

RealMillbrookerbornandbred said...

Thank you.

RealMillbrookerbornandbred said...

There is quite a discussion going on on the government's official Democracy UK Facebook page which can be found here.

RealMillbrookerbornandbred said...

I have just had a radio interview with PirateFM about the Campaign to get the bars out of Westminster group. It will be aired during the news reports on Monday (maybe Tuesday)Listen out for someone from the 'Taxpayers Alliance' it will link into that interview. Listen in folks ... Janner in action!! ...

Anonymous said...

quote "not to mention the only reason we are having the inquiry into whitsand bay's dumping is down to Sheryll".

why are ppl so blind ? can they not see sheryll has just used the whole whitsand bay dumping thing to gain votes but has no intenstion of stopping the is well known fact that her and her group of loaches are fighting to keep devonport dockyard open who are the biggist dumpers of all !!therefore contradicting her whitsand bay dumping policys she is also unable to get the dumping pushed out to sea asthose grounds are her husbands fishing grounds ppl need to wake up and see her for what she is!! i will post this anonymous because we live in the same street!!