Thursday, August 12, 2010

British Firework Championship 2010: The View From Mount Edgcumbe

The intrepid quartet that so often makes up our little expeditions assembled last night to view the show of championship fireworks from just above the folly in the Mount Edgcumbe park, high above Plymouth Sound.
Shazzerooneypoos and Mrs The MIllbrooker quickly set up a groundsheet upon which we could enjoy a nibbly picnic of crisps and dips; Dong stood by manfully.
Yours truly, of course, was playing with his camera...
...and getting a shot of the fun fair on Plymouth Hoe in the distant gloaming.
How pleased were we that we'd chosen to watch the fireworks from a relatively quiet vantage point rather than the crowded (though, doubtless, atmospheric) Hoe? Not to say that the Mount Edgcumbe viewing point is completely devoid of firework watchers; indeed plenty of people kept streaming into the park as we slurped some wine and chomped our crisps.
Eventually, the appointed hour came and the first of three displays began.

I won't try and do descriptions - they were fireworks. If you don't know what fireworks do then I can't really help you. But here are some of the better shots from the 124 (count 'em) that I snapped in the hope of getting a couple of decent ones.
What a great show and what a marvellous setting.

I must say well done to the Mount Edgcumbe crew who marshal the cars that turn up in their droves and for lighting the way back across the deer park after the displays by artfully parking their Land Rovers with headlamps illuminating the route. Volunteers all, and I for one am very grateful for their efforts.

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