Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dancing In Kingsand and Cawsand - an update

Until a short while ago, I was unaware of the start time for this Sunday's festivities in the twin villages.

I now know that umpteen dancers and associated melodeon/guitar/fiddle/whatever players will be gathering at the Rising Sun in Kingsand to begin the day's frolics at 11 in the a.m.

So - for a rollicking afternoon out make your way to the Rame Peninsula where ten morris sides (including the Wreckers, above) will be doing their stuff to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Wreckers Border Morris being founded.

11:00 Sunday 15th August
The Rising Sun in Kingsand
and thereafter, in order:
The Devonport Inn on the Cleave, Kingsand;
The Halfway House Inn, 
straddling the old village/county border;
The Cross Keys in the square at Cawsand.

Followed by a barbecue lunch / tea as supplied at very reasonable prices by the Rame Gig Club with inexpensive gig rides around the bay available for those who like bobbing about on the water.

Remember, you should try everything at least once in life, except incest and folk dancing. I'm still avoiding the incest but Sir Arnold Bax (he who coined that well known put down of the morris and its kin) was wrong about the dancing bit.

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