Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A New Home For A Pointless Pet

Many many moons ago, Mrs The Millbrooker and I decided to get ourselves a new pet; our much loved and utterly stupid cats, Trevelyan and Trelawney, who had been with us since the days before we'd even heard of Millbrook had both met their respective ends and we missed having a feline presence around the place.

And so we visited the Cats' Protection League's temporary foster home in Torpoint and a short while later, after we'd been vetted and found to be suitable to own a moggie, we were presented with "Suki" whom we quickly renamed "Tortue".
Suki/Tortue had been found living feral under a hedge and had been taken in by the CPL for re-homing. We soon discovered that living under a hedge was probably Tortue's own choice.

Simple fact is, she doesn't like people very much and is much happier outdoors. She took to staying in a cardboard box in our outhouse, graciously accepting frequent meals served to her doorstep but refusing to have anything else to do with the household.

When we decided that, whilst she's our responsibility in terms of food and whatever shelter she'll accept, she's possibly the world's most pointless pet - we made another trip to the Cats' Protection League and ended up being servants/carers to GoGo and DiDi.

GoGo and DiDi are small creatures but Tortue ran away from them as surely as she'd refused to live in the house and we lost her for months. There were occasional sightings, but essentially we think she'd been living off whatever she'd managed to catch (she's a good hunter) and scrounge (she has a pitiful mewl and can use it).

Now she's reappeared - this time having taken up residence at the front of the house. Once again she graciously accepts three meals a day but ignores any blandishments to share anyone's company.

Yesterday, courtesy of Liability and Comb-Over and with Shazzerooneypoos' help, we took delivery of an unwanted kennel with luxuriously carpeted interior and some off-cuts of roofing felt which I've tacked into place with my usual DIY aplomb (i.e. very badly).
So now Pointless Pet has a home of her own, should she choose to use it. We shall see.

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