Sunday, September 26, 2010

Season's End at Wilcove

Those of you who are well and truly sick of me drivelling on about the morris should be mightily pleased at the news that the 2010 season has now reached its end.

There's just the Wreckers' AGM and a long winter's rehearsals over the coming seven months of morris-less time.

Altogether now - one, two, three, aaah.

That is, of course, except for the Tavistock Christmas market engagement sometime in December and the traditional Boxing Day dance out in which black and gold tatters clad anarcho-morris warriors will appear at some hostelry or other to spend time bashing each other with sticks, whooping with joy.

Meanwhile, to celebrate a season of dance, we met up with some old chums (that'll be the Plymouth Morris Men and the Plymouth Maids, then) to dance the afternoon away at the Wilcove Inn near Torpoint.

Dozybean joined us and was immediately festooned in tatters courtesy of Richard Wrecker who gallantly swept the tatters from his own back onto Dozy's shoulders.

Here's a trio of Plymouth Maids dancing outside the inn.
This was very much a day of dance for the dancers; we did a fair amount of arsing about with the dances and the tunes - and slightly more ale than is normal during performance might have been consumed.

We had a few pub goers and  non-morris types join in with Shepherd's Hey.
And so it went on, plenty of laughs, plenty of music.

Here's Dozybean amongst the Wreckers dancing Poppleton for the first time, completely unrehearsed and not wearing black under her tatters.
After the dancing was done, and after some singalong stuff in the garden of the Wilcove Inn, we took ourselves indoors out of the autumnal chill as the sun went down and a short music session ensued...
...before the Halfway Harmony male voice group took over entertaining duties. Click on the icon below to hear them in action.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I left shortly before the singing began, it had been a long day and a quiet hour or so over glass of Bordeaux in the comforts of our own sitting room seemed like a great idea.

So farewell, morris season 2010 - here's looking forward to the new season...

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