Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Hole in the Wall

Many readers will know (or have at least guessed) that Millbrooker Towers is a piece of unfinished business: a building site, a constant source of jobs to be getting on with that are rarely got-on-with.

A "job" is very much in the offing as I write, however.

Here's the back end of the living room as it's looked for most of the last couple of years.
Note the source of the Daily(ish) Millbrook atop the dilapidated table in the window.

After I'd spent a couple of afternoons carrying books and assorted familial detritus to a place of safety, Jah Cousteau was put to work at the chimney breast in lieu of last spring's lodgings money.
The resultant bleedin' great 'ole will soon (we hope) house the log burner that we bought quite some while ago. All we have to do now is get our hands on all the stuff that Mr B told us to so that he can do the skilled bit of the job. I think we need a lintel, some sticky tape and the elastic from an old pair of Val's knickers. Or something.

I've just thought - using "Val" in that joke dates me a bit. Ah well. For those not privileged enough to remember the heady days of Blue Peter before it went all "pop", the evergreen Valerie Singleton is the dark haired presenter who isn't Peter Purves or John Noakes. Second right as you look at the photo.

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