Sunday, October 10, 2010

Morris: A Life with Bells On

It's the off-season. No Thursday evening dance-outs. No Sundays spent driving the Cornish highways to new and exciting dance spots.

But that doesn't mean no morris at all. Oh no.

Off-season rehearsals started in earnest last Thursday at St Dominick village hall where a five strong band comprising Richard Wrecker on melodeon (of course), Julian and Kevin Wrecker on a drum each, me on guitar and our old buddy Slocombe in his first outing into morris-dom also strumming along on his old six-string.

The dancers were there in force as well  Dozybean amongst them as new members learnt how to step and stick.

No pictures of this momentous event exist (or, at least, I didn't take any), but one very important thing happened which I recorded photographically the very next morning.
Oh, yes - I obtained my own set of morris bells ready to be attached to my calves, using a pair of cat collars, and then jingled-all-the-way for the first time when we next appear on the streets. Huzzah!

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