Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Short Walk and a Couple of Interesting Things

Well, ok, "interesting" might be pushing a point, but I'm going to witter on about them for a bit anyway so you might as well just settle down for a minute or two.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I took a Sunday afternoon constitutional today; just a wee wander up to Wiggle and over the footpaths into Cawsand before heading over the Minadhu and back over Grenville Battery and Maker. It seemed like a good idea to make the most of some autumnal sunshine while it's here.

Here's Mrs The Millbrooker trogging towards Wiggle completely oblivious to starring in this shot. Though, considering my past record of photographing everything that moves and Mrs The Millbrooker in particular, perhaps she might have been expecting at least one or two shots of this nature.
After Wiggle, we approached Cawsand which made a nice shot from the footpath.
The path then took us behind Cawsand Fort and to the top of Duck Steps, giving a decent view of Kingsand en-route.
After some climbing past the battery that is Grenville, we got to the "interesting" bit of the title.

Feeding at Maker were several wheatear; I've seen wheatears before, of course, but never in Cornwall - only ever in Brittany. They were a bit of a distance away so the best shot I got was this rather blurry effort. Just to confirm that it is a wheatear, I've stolen a shot from the RSPB website for comparison (below). 

After that bit of excitement, the skeleton of the Maker Sunshine sculpture made a fine subject for a bit of arty-farty nonsense on my part. Just in case you're unsure, this is the second interesting thing.
 And now for a nice roast dinner before early bedtime and stupid o'clock shift in the morning....night night.

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