Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Great Millbrook Bonfire Celebration

Or, alternatively, "The Mildly Diverting Firework Display Followed By a Jolly nice Slap-Up at the D&C". In the photo above, we have two contenders for Unflattering Photo of the Day Award (L-R) Nigel (contender 1), Mrs The Millbrooker (not in contention this time) and Shazzerooneypoos (contender 2). I'll open this award up to the democratic process and you can vote by leaving a comment below.

We played host to Nigel (known as "dad" or "daddy" or "Grandpa" to the younger family members; work out who calls him what for yourselves) as he visited to partake of Jah Cousteau's ceremonials (see posting below).

We also had an invitation to watch the bonfire night fireworks from Shazzerooneypoos' decking with its panoramic view over Millbrook, Torpoint, and parts of Plymouth.

The show from Millbrook Footbal Club (overlooked nicely from the decking) was due to start at 7:30 and we all traipsed into Auntie Sharon's place about 10 past to find the Little Lush Lewis scampering about in her bath robe muttering about early visitors. She was soon suitably attired and we assembled on the decking and watched many distant fireworks exploding over Plymouth.

The appointed hour for the Millbrook FC display came and went. The appointed hour for our arrival at the pub for a celebratory meal (again, see post below) drew nearer and nearer.

We entertained ourselves with some sparklers, purloined from somewhere or other by Monsieur Cousteau.
Eventually we got some rockets and pom-poms from the football club, but I utterly failed to get any really decent shots - this is about the best, so don't get too excited.
Before the display finished we had to make our way down the hill to our favourite haunt and allow Russell a small amount of our hard-earned in return for one of his far-famed feasts. Here we have (L-R) Dong, Nigel, Jah and yours truly. I must point out at this juncture that Jah's hair doesn't look even the tiniest bit silly. Apparently.
During Jah's sojourn in Mexico last year, Nigel met up with him for a final week of being tourists (rather than "working" as Jah calls it), and they have developed a father-son ritual based on their experiences.

This ritual is called "Tequila Time". I'm sure it needs no further explanation. Tequila Time turned out to be as soon as we got back to Millbrooker Towers after stuffing ourselves on Russell's yummy fare.
And now to the reasons for all this jollity and for the pleasure of Nigel's company (apart from bonfire night)......

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