Monday, November 15, 2010

Rag Day at Wilcove

Yesterday was a day of toil for the newbies to morris dancing; we all need our own tatters jacket and the only person who can be 100% counted upon to make it is, of course, yourself.

Richard and Max Wrecker arranged a Rag Day at their abode for as many of us as could make it so we could make our tatters under some sort of experienced supervision. Sadly, Richard wasn't present himself due to Derriford Hospital deciding that he should stay with them for a while, at least until he stops moaning with hurty-bits.

Steve and Marie Wrecker (even newer to Wrecking than me, but not so new to the morris overall) were in attendance, though.
And we all got down the the task of cutting strips of black and Cornish gold fabric into 40-50cm strips and then wresting with a sewing machine to stitch said stips in rows onto recently butchered black shirts. This is Waverley Wrecker doing exactly that, showing far more skill in matters of seamstress-like attainment than I could manage. Note Waverley's very attractive pink toed socks, very stylish - I'm sure you'll agree.
Eventually, with lots of rescuing actions from Max as I ham-fistedly attempted to use a sewing machine for the very first time in 47 years, a tatters jacket appeared in all its glory. By "eventually" I mean seven hours. Oh yes, seven whole hours. Still, the effect is mightily morris-like...

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