Thursday, December 16, 2010

Highly Unusual Steam Photos

You'll have gathered from the title of this posting that Bern the Lens has been in touch again. In fact, he dropped into the office a couple of days ago to hand around his Christmas cards.

This pair of shots are unlike anything I've seen from everyone's favourite railway photographer and local historian, take a peek - I think you'll agree that the conditions made for a marvellous sight and that Bern's eye for a great photo is in terrific form.

As always, I'll let him tell the story in his own words...

"Nice to see you in the station today, I don't miss the job but I do miss the staff. Attached one of the sequence from Bodmin last Sunday week, train is passing Westheath on the climb from Boscarne Jct. In all the years I have been [taking photos] on the Bodmin line, I have never encounered conditions like this with the mist in the Valley and the steam just blending into the whole scene.It was worth getting cold feet in that field."
"Another one showing the train climbing away past the Monument, very strange conditions..."
If you enjoyed these shots as much I did - take a look at some of Bern's other work; a vast library of photos taken over the years: click here or use the permanent link on the right hand side of these pages (under "links"). You can buy a copy of Bern's legendary "Steam Around Plymouth" book from Amazon by clicking here.

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