Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Very Long Lunch

I sometimes think that Dong's natural habitat is the long, languid and liquid-infused luncheon at a high quality but not overly flash establishment.

Luckily for us, Dong and the Little Lush Lewis decided to share this habitat with us on Monday last as a Christmas present and ersatz "works do" for the administration stuff that Mrs The Millbrooker sometimes does for him. As we had a visitation from the Millbrooker-Sis for the first time in a few years, our kind hosts took her along too.

Readers with Frankenkeith-like tendencies to avoid postings that feature lots of food should brace themselves for an orgy of food photos.

The outing began shortly before one o'clock at Dong's pad in darkest Millbrook where we gave Shazzerooneypoos a Christmas present.
Yes indeed, in a mildly alarming lapse of taste, we  got her a purple monkey shaped neck-warmer-cum-support-pillow for those moments when a film on TV gets too demanding and a short snooze seems in order.

From there it was but a short drive to Cremyll where The Millbrooker-Sis enjoyed the boat ride with only the teeniest hint of mal de mer. She's a something of a landlubber and unused to a gentle swell, there being a marked absence of open water in the Great Malvern region.
But a short pootle on the other side brought us to Trattoria Pescatore in Admiralty Street - an old favourite for a genuine slap up with all the trimmings.
We ate long and well (non foodies, this is the lots-of-photos-of food-bit - there's more nonsense after the photos):
Tempura Prawns
Figs with marscarpone and walnut
Cold meat platter
Carpaccio of salmon
And that lot was just starters. Mains included Pan-Fried Lemon Sole with a caper sauce...
...and a huge pile of tempura battered calamari rings (already part demolished at the time of this photo).
There were puddings, too, but methinks any more pictures of food might open me up to remarks about overkill. Suffice to say, we had a marvellous meal and plentiful liquid refreshment with which to wash it down.
We took the ferry back to Cremyll where it seemed a very good idea to pop into the Edgcumbe Arms for a "finale" before a taxi whisked us homeward.
The taxi arrived and whisked us off. En-route we decided that we should have another "finale" at our own dear D&C. The Village Vampette did serving duties...
...and we met a poor soul who had just spent over an hour reading old postings on these very pages (as recommended by Mr B, I believe). Anyway - thank you for reading, Dennis, I'm sure we'll meet again and share a drink or two before I've already sunk enough to pole axe an elephant. Dennis is rather out of focus (see comment about pole axed elephants) in the centre of this shot.
After three "finales" the moderately sozzled quintet decided on one last "finale" back at Millbrooker Towers, a portion of the evening of which no photos exist. Mercifully.

We eventually wound things up around 11 o'clock-ish after a hearty sing-a-long. There is a video on the Millbrooker-Sis' camera which I couldn't download. Mercifully.

That makes it a ten hour lunch, and bloomin' 'andsome it was too.

Huge thank yous go to Dong and Shazzerooneypoos for their generous hosting - what a great afternoon and evening we had.


Judith said...

Now that, my Millbrooker friend, is my kind of lunch!

Judith said...

PS: Well done England. It's about time those Aussies were taken down a peg or two.

teresa said...

Ahhhhh.... photos of the final finale do exist!!! I have them!!! Sisxxx