Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mike O'Connor and the Rame Peninsula History Group

Last night was the penultimate History Group session of the season; I understand there is to be a summer break before the whole thing reconvenes in the autumn. Frankenkeith has asked if anyone knows of someone who might be interested (and interesting!) in giving a talk (slide show? lecture?) to the group about any aspect of local history.

The group's guest speaker-cum-performer yesterday was Mike O'Connor who gave an hour's worth of his extensive and finely researched knowledge as a "taster" about the history of music in the Tamar Valley; its use in and relationship to the great houses of the area. Of course, there was reference to country music as well but that is much less well documented, so the lecture's title of "Music and the Edgecumbes" was about right.
The music, though, wasn't high-brow - the nobles of the 16th century enjoyed simple folk tunes as much as the next man. Mike O'Connor regaled us with song, music and stories of the musicians and their employers with huge enthusiasm for his subject and terrific gift of communication to his audience.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I left after spending more than we should have on CDs so I can have a go at learning some new songs for pub sessions after dancing the morris with the Wreckers. We also left highly enthused - already this morning I've been checking some of the websites and songs that we were told about - fascinating stuff, I must say.

Well done the the Rame Peninsula History Group for putting on an entertaining and very informative evening, and thank you to Mike O'Connor for coming to our little corner and sharing his talents and knowledge with us.

The next History Group evening promises to be an absorbing talk about the meanings of local church carvings and roof bosses:

Monday 21st March
 Sue Andrew presents
'Sin and Salvation - Medieval Roof Bosses in Devon and their Context' 

doors open 7pm, talk begins 7:30pm
Cawsand Congregational Hall (just off Garrett Street
£2 entrance fee at the door

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