Monday, February 07, 2011

Views in the Mizzle

I took my camera to pantomime rehearsals yesterday and there's lots of photos of people doing things that, to the untrained eye, look faintly ridiculous. I'll share some of them with you very soon.

On the trudge upwards from Millbrook to Maker I thought to myself that I haven't bothered to actually look at the  rather wonderful views that are there to be enjoyed from assorted vantage points along the route for quite a while.

I had one of those - "don't we live in a great part of the world?" moments, even in the traditional February Cornish weather which is all too evident in the pictures.
Another hundred yards or so of climbing, crampons firmly attached, and the view expands.
From the top, the famed view of all Millbrook. The one which we all take every first time visitor to see. Usually in nicer meteorological conditions. Although, to be fair, the weather had lifted a bit by the time I got to the top.
After spending three hours doing silly things in the name of entertainment inside the Tamar Outdoor Centre's Nissen huts at Maker, the way back down Maker Lane provided this view across Hounster.

For the uninitiated there's a definition of mizzle here.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics.

A colleague of mine has one of those DIY calendars, made from his own photos. They are all from the Rame Peninsular. Took me a while to realise (minutes), but I now have pictures like these to bring a smile to my face each morning as I pass his desk.