Saturday, March 05, 2011

I Am Knocker

The part-written monologue-with-music that I'm supposed to be performing tonight at Saltash has given me hours of undiluted torture trying to cram the lines into my tired old bonce in the few days between panto and the debut of I Am Knocker. As I pace around endlessly repeating the phrases to myself, I keep finding Sudoku's voice projecting around the bedroom - wrong character, wrong time, dammit! 

I've managed to get about half of it memorised well enough to start on the right line, wander alarmingly off-piste, scramble over some very deep powder and eventually find my way back and give the right cue to the musician. Some of it though, I fear, will have to be read tonight, rather than performed - ah well, can't have it all.

Wrichard Wrecker and I spent some time last night working on it. This shows one of the bits I'll be reading...
Wrichard gets the job of sitting and watching, hoping desperately that the right cue line arrives at the right time so he can start playing.
Note Waverley's white wig from Aladdin, now pressed into service to get a laugh during tonight's first ever live run of I Am Knocker - wish me luck (or more correctly wish me "break a leg").

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