Saturday, April 02, 2011

Dame Sandy of Florrick at the Tanyard

Until today, the most recent occasion upon which Dame Sandy of Florrick and I stood in close proximity to one another in the Tanyard was a grey and damp day back in early February.
 Ah yes - that was the day of filming the epic fight scene for the cinema sequence of Aladdin. The photo above has been described by OldManVegas (who took charge of filming and editing as well as performing as Hazeem the Genie) as "priceless"; must say I tend to agree with him.

Anyway - on to today's activities. The Tanyard plays host to a local produce market and, needless to say, Dame Sandy of Florrick can be found there plying her wares.

I waxed lyrical a while back about the venison we got from the Florrick people at Christmas and, this morning, Mrs The Millbrooker and I thought it only right and proper to find some yummy meaty treats for breakfast and beyond. Idly wandering towards West Street, we spotted Dame Sandy at her stall and sneaked up directly in front of her.
Mmm - pork and leek sausages, perfect for a late and leisurely breakfast. It seemed churlish not get some pork and apple ones too. So a pack of those is sitting in the fridge alongside its partially consumed cousin-pack, awaiting our attentions .

Having now sampled the pork and leek bangers and sitting here replete and contented, I must heartily recommend that all omnivorous readers who find themselves within hailing distance of Florrick Down should treat themselves to some very very yummy dead pig.

You can read a bit more about Dame Sandy of Florrick's establishment by clicking here.

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