Thursday, April 28, 2011

That First Pint in Cornwall

Me old mucker Anal and the ever-lovely Sandybum arrived at Cremyll on Good Friday morning for a few days R&R at Millbrooker Towers. Anal and Sandybum are in the centre of the shot below, awaiting their turn to exit from the slipway. 
As we did the "hail fellow, well met" stuff, I caught a glint in Anal's eye which indicated "first-pint-in-Cornwall" time and before you could say "pint of Knocker, please", we found ourselves enjoying the comforts of the D&C.
All of which goes some way to explaining the complete lack of posting on these pages for a few days.

We've been having a whale of a time in glorious spring weather; sitting for half an hour at the steam driven jalopy of a laptop didn't seem like the sociable thing to be doing.

Mrs the Millbrooker and I are heading to Upton on Severn tomorrow with the Wreckers for a weekend of Beltane-cum-May-Day celebrations, so a further short hiatus in internet based drivelling will ensue. Normal service will be resumed at some point next week after Black Prince Day!

Speaking of which - celebrations for Black Prince Day begin Monday 02nd May 10:00 on the Quay and follow the usual route via every pub in the Millbrook (and in the afternoon in Kingsand and Cawsand). It's the 25th anniversary of the revival of this ancient rite and there will be loads of dancers and musicians in the streets - you really need to be there. I shall be, along with the black-and-gold tatters-clad anarcho-morris-warriors of the Wreckers. See you there.

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