Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keith Tucker

Some of you might remember a short post that I stuck up here a while ago which featured a cracking cartoon by Keith Tucker.

The cartoon features "The Banksters" - 
My original post with this illustration was a topical joke.

I got a couple of comments, one of which asked if the cartoon is available as a poster.

Now Keith Tucker has got in touch, and isn't at all put out by my nicking his image. Indeed not:

"Thanks for the link, yes I have it on posters, through Cafe Press, just click on the shop icon on the left side bar on my website, and help an independent liberal cartoonist eat, in a con-servatve ideology controlled American media.
KT  "

You can find Keith Tucker's goods at http://www.whatnowtoons.com/ or you can click here to go straight to where the banksters cartoon is available in numerous formats (including tee-shirts).

Thank you, Keith.

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