Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Surprise Through The Post: An Update

Auntie Jean has been in touch and corrected a mistake I made in my post about the photo above.

It appears that the Stephen in the photo was not the murdered ancestor whom I thought he was. That was someone else, also called Stephen.

I'll let Auntie Jean tell the rest - this is the text of her email to me:

"Glad you like the photograph I sent of Aunt Bebe [my Gran was called 'Bebe' by Auntie Jean's generation] and Uncle Steve. Stephen Charles. 

Thought that you should have it, I’ll turn up with another sooner or later [huzzah!].  The one that I am looking for is of your Gran dressed up in her brother’s Postman’s uniform at Freshford . 

Steve died in 1957 in Aberdare. It was your great grandfather Stephen who was murdered in a street fight in the East End of London. Grandma Davis moved to Aberdare with Aunt Bebe and Bill the youngest to look after 2 miner brothers Jenkin and Charles when the shirt and glove factories failed in Somerset. She worked the Buttonholes.

Love from Auntie Jean."

Thank you, Auntie Jean.

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