Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Film Club Presents

Once again, those very nice people at Cinema Paradiso have arranged to have a DVD plop onto the doormat at Millbrooker Towers.

Once again, this means that I know what we're going to be showing at film club this coming weekend.

I've been waiting for this one for a long time, even going to the lengths of manipulating the list (which I don't normally do) to ensure it's been at the top for the last umpteen weeks. And finally it's arrived - I really hope it's as good as I anticipate it to be.

This Sunday, usual time and usual place, we have Sylvan Chomet's 2010 animation of the great Jaques Tati's final script: The Illusionist

Tati was working on it when he died in 1982; it was intended as a live action film with Tati in the lead role - leaving his renowned Monsieur Hulot character behind. It's taken until now for the story to come to fruition on celluloid.
Hope to see all the usual suspects on Sunday.

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