Friday, September 02, 2011

Ten Green Bottles

It's been a while since Cousin Dave featured on these pages, but that's about to change.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I have just returned from a yummy lunch at Cousin Dave's house across in Jannerland and everyone's favourite warm glass artist has a brilliant new line in his ever ongoing quest to make a living from his talent and craft.

We all know that some of his work can sell for sums that certain small countries would like as their GDP. But sometimes he hits on an idea so simple, so blindingly obvious and so Cousin-Dave-like that he can produce more than one. And thus such an original work can be sold at the sort of prices you and I can manage.

Ladies and gentlemen I place before you and am able to take orders via the comment page (or email me if you know the address) the wondrous thing that is.....

Ten Green Bottles
Cousin Dave
Yep - it is, quite literally Ten Green Bottles to hang upon your wall (they come with a fastening attached to the bottle at either end) and they sell at a pifflingly tiny £20 a pop.
Not only quite a decent little joke, but it's an original David Roberts work of art in his chosen medium of glass - each piece is unique, as the bottles partially melt into flat shapes and bind together randomly in his kiln.

What a brilliant Christmas present for Mad Uncle Bertrand or Cousin Martha - go on, you know you want to......drop me a comment and I'll order one up for you once we've arranged how to pay!

Cousin Dave and Penny Potter also have a rather nice line in ceramic coasters but I haven't a photo of those, although I'm sure I can get one if anyone would like me to.

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