Sunday, October 16, 2011

Walking the NooNoo

Young NooNoo hasn't appeared on these pages for a while. This is mostly because he's not been out to Millbrook for a similar while as the familial visits have largely been in the opposite direction with Nana Mrs The Millbrooker taking opportunities to grab a cuppa with Dozybean and her offspring whilst I'm busy counting pennies for a living.

Not all that long ago, though, we were honoured with a couple of days worth of NooNoo and his mum.

Rather than witter on at too much length about discussing beards with a three-year-old, or drinking heroic quantities of hooch with his mater, I'll stick up some photos of the mammoth trek around Millbrook Lake. A mammoth trek that Mrs The Millbrooker and I undertook with small child in tow whilst someone not unrelated to his mum slept off the aforementioned heroic quantities of hooch.

Here are Mrs The Millbrooker and NooNoo at the start of the adventure.
A little further on, NooNoo was given a quick lesson in how Dragonlord (yes, I know, but it sounds so much better than boring old "Grandad" doesn't it?) has difficulty seeing, so it's a really bad idea to be very short and run around directly in front of him.
There were, of course, some lovely autumnal views across everyone's favourite largest village in Cornwall.
And there were lots of things that a NooNoo likes to have pointed out. In this case, I think it was a little egret on the tidal creek below the dam.
As a special treat for Antipodean readers, I thought it might be nice to include a shot of Peace Cottage's garden wall mural, just to make you feel that Millbrook really is a natural home-from-home.
And finally, as all such things must come to a close, we headed homeward to rouse the sleeping maman de NooNoo and enjoy some very garlicky cauliflower cheese for dinner. Mmmmmmmm.

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Judith said...

Thank you! That's a sweet little mural-ette.