Sunday, December 11, 2011

Easy Breton Birding

And so we return from a week's stay in Trebrivan; a week in which Brittany did its thing with the weather. And it did so in ropes.

A little like the idea that it's silly to move to Cornwall for the sunshine, lovely holiday destination though our wonderful county is. We're not renowned for blazing hot days but, apart from in high summer, rather revel in the glorious Cornish mizzle and frequent high winds and the wet stuff falling from the sky.

Well, Brittany's not a lot different, it can be as sunny as you like in spring, summer, even early autumn. But it's unwise to count on it. In late autumn/early winter - anything dry is a bonus.

So a fair bit of time over the last week has been spent within the confines of Le Bout de Sac and, as is so often the case, we spent some of that time watching the local bird life from the kitchen.

Nothing particularly uncommon, but what beautiful markings.

Common sparrows enjoying some leftover baguette and checking the lie of the land from our lilac tree.
A Great Tit (don't search for that on the internet without the "safe search" setting switched on) paid us a visit and enjoyed a peck at some bread.
And his smaller cousins, the Blue Tits (well worth searching for without the safe search on, just to see what happens), arrived to see what they could find in the fir tree.
And, last but not least, our first sighting in Trebrivan of a Black Cap.
There we go - who said holidaying in Brittany wasn't exciting?

all photos by me

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