Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Year's Eve - The Tradition Continues

Mrs The Millbrooker and I have been a teensy bit slow in getting the festive stuff organised this year. I glance at my watch to discover it's quarter to Christmas already and the tree isn't even up. Let alone decorated.

This also means that the annual open invitation to all and sundry to join us at Millbrooker Towers on New Year's Eve is also late.

But here it is. Indeed, this is it.

As is usual we have no plans apart from doing the crossed-arm-shaky-thing at midnight whilst singing Auld Lang Syne. Badly in all probability.

There is no guarantee that the High Lord of Southwick will play his concertina. But he might. High Lord fans will be delighted to know he is definitely going to be here with his lovely Lady Calluna.
There is no guarantee that Cousin Dave will do anything silly. But he almost undoubtedly will. And that's whether he's at Millbrooker Towers or not.

So - here's how it works for anyone who doesn't remember or hasn't ever been told.

If we have a vague idea of who you are and you know where Millbrooker Towers is we will have an open front door from 7:30 on New Year's Eve.
There is absolutely no obligation to commit to any length of stay in our company, drop in for a few minutes or stay until past the witching hour. Arrive anytime you like up to and including a whisker before midnight. We tend to start levering people toward the front path around one-ish.

If you think you might stay for more than a swift snifter, a bottle will be gratefully received. Nibbles will be laid on (not literally, you understand, that would be messy and the dry cleaning bill might be eye-watering).

We won't be remotely offended if you drop in and then decide to see in the new year at the pub or at someone else's house - we're simply "at home" and will be very pleased to enjoy your company. There might be as few as four people gathered at midnight, there might be more; in one memorable year we ran out of seats and had close to thirty comprising the mildly intoxicated choir for Rabbie Burns' classic singalong. And we're very happy either way and with any point in between.

We hope to see at least some of you in a little under a fortnight.

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