Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Listening Opportunity For All

I've wittered on countless times on these pages about the multifarious chinwagging that Simon Pauley and I get up to on Insight Radio. And that relationship of a pair of amiable middle aged blokes gassing to each other for 10 minutes a week looks set fair to continue into the next millenium.

And now there is to be another format, and another station, in which you lucky people can listen to my honey-dripping dulcets over the airwaves.

I returned home yesterday after a day at Totnes Low Vision Clinic (more of which anon) to an answerphone message from one James Vickery. This is him, photographed in his natural habitat by the BBC Natural History Unit on safari in deepest Plymouth (not all of this statement is absolutely true):
My frequent visits to the BBC's small and airless NCA studio have attracted the attentions of the good people who dwell within the confines of The Beeb's Seymour Road studios and the young Mr V has asked if I'll go in and yap to him on air.

So, ladies and germs, if you're not otherwise occupied on this coming Tuesday at half past two in the afternoon you might like to tune into BBC Radio Devon - I'll be wittering on with James about being a VIP (visually impaired person), working for the railway, cooking and anything else that comes up.

So - that's BBC Radio Devon: online through the iPlayer at
at 97.5FM on your steam-driven wireless set
2:30 pm
Tuesday 10th Jan

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