Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dancing the Night Away with the Lords of Misrule

Ok - I trailed it extensively both here and on Facebook. And last night it happened. Possibly not the event of the century but a bloody good time and lots of dancing, music and song.

Huzzah for ceilidhs in general and for the Lords of Misrule at Wilcove in particular.

The whole thing began with a rehearsal in the chill afternoon, it had barely scraped above freezing all day and Wilcove village hall was unheated as we arrived to set up. We did put the heating on, but it took a fair old while before any level of comfort was reached.

It should be noted that Wrichard Wrecker has an odd internal thermostat. While the rest of us remained wrapped up warm, he found it more comfortable to get down to a tee-shirt at the earliest opportunity.
But wait - who is this we spy, hovering around and taking notes on stage right?
It is - it's Mrs The Millbrooker! She's about to make her harmony singing debut during one or two of the between-dance-tune songs that we scatter throughout the set.

Time, as we know, has a habit of passing. Yesterday was no exception and ere long the doors were opening and the eager Wilcovians and a few Millbrookians (and possibly one or two other nationalities as well) were pressing through the entrance and into the hall.

Let the music commence . . .
Just as I've mentioned before, a ceilidh is not really a spectator sport. So let the dancing get underway too . . .

And  so we have a little quiz for the eagle eyed among you - which favourite blog character can you spot in both of the above photos, strutting his stuff with a different lady in each shot?

Yes, indeed, it is Grandma Dong the Legend himself who was in attendance with Shazzerooneypoos. And she wasn't going to be outdone in the tripping-the-light-fantastic stakes, I can tell you.

Miss Rule herself, our wonderful caller, looked at me during the interval. "Do you know any other songs?" she asked. Quite a few, as it happens. Eventually we decided to open the second half with a completely unrehearsed "You Are My Sunshine". Got away with it, got quite a few singing along. Sophisticated it ain't - fun it is.
And the dance went on.

Mrs The Millbrooker got in on the action with the everyone's favourite gallant, Grandma Dong the Legend, once more twirling around the dance floor.
As all things do, the evening had to end, and we all meandered homeward with silly grins on our faces. What can I say - party on dudes!

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