Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sunshine and Oranges

Walking over Trenninow on Saturday, the sun was giving us a very decent show indeed over the waters of Whitsand Bay.

I tried a little experiment to enhance the colours, filtering the shot through the UV-Blue Light filters that I wear almost all the time these days.

This is the result. Sunshine and Oranges.
What I should have done, perhaps, is to take the same photo at the same time without the filter to show the view in the existing light. But I didn't.

I did turn around 180 degrees and take this one, though, it's that lovely slightly crumbling dry stone wall that runs from the top of Treninnow back towards Millbrook. And this one isn't through any sort of filter, so if you can try to imagine the sea shot with this lighting, you'll have cracked it.

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