Friday, March 02, 2012

Approaching Normality

Well, good people of blogging land, I've been conspicuous by my absence for a couple of weeks (or slightly more, perhaps). I would offer apologies, but I somehow feel that it might have been a blessed relief for the erudite and intelligent readers of these pages.

That accounts for two of you then.

On with some mild drivelling...
I've been quiet in my electronic scribblings because my eyes have been giving me a hard time again. Arse.

The iritis flared up a couple of weeks back and it's only now that I've got enough vision back to spend a short time messing about at the computer screen. Normality in terms of eyesight is slowly returning (what passes for normality in my case, anyway) and so here I am.

"What news?" I hear the cry from the cheap seats.

Very little to report - I've not been able to get out much, but I have been loading lots of CDs into our new wonder-toy (see post below this one). A couple of blasts from the past have become Facebook friends - good to hear from you again Kevin, and Naomi (she formerly of Terry Tinsel and the Spangle Boyz fame - or is that infamy?). Not met either of them in 25 or even 30 years - there's a lot of catching up to do.

Just for its own ridiculously over-the-top and utterly fabulous entertainment value - here's my old friend from all those years ago doing what she did then under the moniker "Suzi Sequin" as I vaguely recall.
...she's in the star-spangled jacket on the left.

So - back to what I was wittering on about before I got distracted by glam-rock revivalists, the old eyes are getting back to a state which allows me to read a bit and to venture out in daylight for short periods. So with luck, more nonsense and drivellings will follow as I find things to write about.

Until next (not-too-far-away) time . . .


Anonymous said...

I heard that your eyes were poorly. I was rather concerned, so I'm delighted that they are improving, and it's great that you're able to blog. again.

Love Constance.

Judith said...

Sorry about the iritis, arse indeed. Looking forward to further drivel so I hope your eyes stay ok.
Facebook is good that way.

The Millbrooker said...

Thanks Judith - more drivel will follow soon - I promise!