Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Dangly Food

Mrs the Millbrooker took me out for a very exciting trip to Morrison's at Liskeard on Sunday. We know how to live down here, you know. Always something hugely entertaining like a supermarket shopping expedition to maintain that long-lost illusion of a rock'n'roll lifestyle.

"Get on with it!" I hear the cry from the cheap seats. And I do understand that this hasn't been vastly scintillating so far - but bear with me.

I enjoyed a rummage at the wet-fish counter and spotted something I've not eaten for a while and haven't cooked in nearly twenty years - best try some of that then.
I've loved octopus since I very first tried it about 35 years ago on a family holiday to the Greek mainland. Plain grilled (or preferably barbecued) with a freshly made egg and lemon sauce - wonderful.

But, with it still being late winter / very early spring, I thought I'd do a slightly more hearty version.

Sweat down a large chopped onion, set the onion aside in an oven-proof casserole.

Stir fry the octopus, chopped into bite-ish sized chunks for about 10 minutes (it will release plenty of its own liquor).

Season while it cooks with lots of freshly ground black pepper.
Add it to the onion along with all the remaining liquor, stir and mix together.
Add a couple of chopped tomatoes, a large bay leaf and a little pinch of salt.
Pour over a large glass of dry white wine.
Cover and stick in the oven at Gas 6 for about an hour.
Now how simple is that? And it's one of the least expensive things you'll find on the fish counter - our one, skinned, sac and tentacles separated, and cleaned in front of us, was just over £3.50 total and we'll get four servings out of it. Yummy Yummy Yum.

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