Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jah on Top of Things

Jah Cousteau accompanied his mama to Brittany in order to partake of decorating duties followed by a few days of R&R when I joined the party; me being of the V.I.P. variety and therefore, by definition, not a good choice of workman for slapping paint or other substances around.

A feature of spending any time in Jah's company is that he frequently feels the need to clamber up things, swing around things, leap over things or simply walk along things on his hands. Sometimes all of the above at the same time.

So here's a small selection of Jah Cousteau being on top of things, or sometimes not.

A menhir near the Landes de Locarn -  firstly the approach:

Then the summit attempt, in this instance not a success.

At les Gorges du Corong, leaping across a significant drop.

Mind you, the old fella with the white cane didn't do too badly there....

A hay bale on the high moorland of Les Monts d'Arree.

On the rocky, former granite quarry coastline of the Ile Grande,
that's about a 15 foot drop immediately on his right...

Once again, the masterful head of the household
was able to demonstrate a similarly daring move despite the advancing years.

And finally - and believe me this has been a very small selection of the myriad photos of Jah climbing, handstanding or otherwise misusing assorted bits of buildings, walls, logs etc - I offer up a short video taken near to Chateauneuf de Faou on the Nantes-Brest Canal.

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