Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Penultimate Supper

There have been two slap-ups at the D&C and I'm afraid you're going to have to read about both of them. I'll try not to drivel on too much....

'Twas on Saturday that Mrs The Millbrooker, Grandma Dong the Legend, Shazzerooneypoos and I trogged down to everyone's favourite watering hole for a "Last Supper" from the full menu before Mark and Russell hand over the reins. Quite why they have reins in a kitchen I shall never know, but it's probably best not to enquire into these arcane practices from the Welsh Valleys.

Other members of the Millbrook Glitterati had obviously had the same idea. We found The Sump and the ever-lovely La Sumpetta already ensconced and about to tuck into their starters.

And looking the other way from our table, Pete and Nicky -  the Blindwell contingent were amongst another party.

Pete kindly took control of the camera . . .

. . . resulting in a fine portrait of the cream of Millbrookian society. Or something.

The food, of course, was top notch. Griddled duck breast in port and raspberry sauce -  how many village locals (and the D&C is very much a village local - not a "gastro-pub") serve fare as good as that?

And Russell's home made rice puddings - the best since I enjoyed those made by my Auntie Joan way back when in my distant childhood.

My goodness, but the new landlords have a hard act to follow. And I do genuinely wish them every success.

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