Saturday, November 17, 2012

Aaaarrrr, Me Hearties

The time, my dear readers, has come to introduce a new character in the minor soap opera that is the Daily(ish) Millbrook.

We'll begin by travelling back in time to August when the Grayhound (yes, I have spelt that correctly) Lugger was launched, amid much ceremonial drinking, from Southdown Marina here in our own little haven from reality.

This blog was on sabbatical at the time, so all of this will be news to anyone who relies on it for updates about happenings on the Rame Peninsula. You'll just have to try and catch up as best you can.

Something like three quarters of Rame Peninsula society turned out to witness the majestic sight of the Grayhound effortlessly slipping into the water. (Ahem - I might have accidentally implied that the launch went smoothly; our old friend Frankenkeith who helped out with the practicalities of such things would beg to differ - there was some worry at the time that the thing wouldn't get into the water at all...)

Mrs The Millbrooker and I attended the launch along with the MiIllbrooker-Sis, The Jaguar of Burton and the Wizzers of Soz. Here we have L-R the MIllbrooker-Sis, His Jagginess and Mrs The Millbrooker doing ceremonial tippling to celebrate the launch.

Ok - so we've got the scene nicely set.

Now, this event wasn't just a case of turning up, having a pint or two and watching a boat slide down a slipway. Oh no! There was entertainment as well. Which is where we first caught sight of ...

. . . Finnigan Silvalus; as he likes to be known in some circles.

Finnigan's Wake likes dressing up. He's also partial to minor bouts of groupie attention.

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted the Wizzers of Soz snuggling under The Wake's armpit whilst simultaneously growing bunny ears.

So, one thing led to another, most of which Mrs The MIllbrooker and I were not privy to. Just as well, probably. In fact whilst one thing was leading to another, we were much more interested in finding something to munch from the barbecue tent. As was the Millbrooker-Sis, seen here in full-on wrap-your-chops-around-a-burger mode.

It's just possible that my sister is cussing me now after seeing that one.

Anyway, while we older folk were satisfying our hunger pangs, WiderWake and the Wizzers of Soz were seemingly satisfying some of theirs and so it came to pass that some weeks later MinorEarthQWake found himself at Millbrooker Towers and on his best behaviour to impress his missus's crumblies.

This "best behaviour" lasted something in the region of four and a half minutes. I must point out that I have no memory whatsoever of this photo being taken nor the activity depicted within it. Your Honour.

The young fellow is at Millbrooker Towers again this weekend. Only one photo exists of last night's shenanigans - but as it features our multiple-monikered guest, minus an accustomed article of clothing, impersonating (and I quote) a "rhinoceros perched on a rock" atop our futon sofa, I have deemed it best left to your imaginations.

That'll do for Daily(ish) drivelling for now - those who are heading to the D&C tonight (including Wizzers and Michael Finnigan BeginAgin) -we'll see you there. Those who aren't - we won't.

Chin Chin.

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BathNick said...

Knew I should have jumped a Fist and left England for a night. Bo**ox. I hope all went well and I'll read about it soon!!