Saturday, November 10, 2012

In the 'Ark

It's established fact that the dear old D&C has changed hands; new proprietors Liz and Graham will be beavering away establishing themselves and their business. Mrs The Millbrooker and I haven't been in since the first night after Russell and Mark left.

Not because we've got anything against Liz and Graham - far from it, I sincerely hope they do well and we'll pass many a happy time within the old place as time and funds permit.

All of which has precious little to do with why we found ourselves passing through the portals of the 'Ark for the first time in a couple of years...

Yes, indeed, newer readers might not be aware that Millbrook has three refreshment stops within the village centre. As well as the two mentioned above we have what is known imaginatively as the Top Pub - because it's at the top of West street (as opposed to the bottom of West Street where you'll find the D&C).

Mrs The Millbrooker and I haven't ever really used the Top Pub - they don't do ale and except on a seriously hot summer's day (remember those from several decades ago?) I'm not a lager drinker. So it's either the D&C or the 'Ark for us.

Once again I seem to have digressed. This wasn't meant to be a guide to the pubs of Millbrook. It was meant to be a piece highlighting the ludicrous amount of talent we have here on the Rame Peninsula.

For last night, at the 'Ark my favourite Rame Peninsula band was in full flight from 9 o'clock(ish) - here they are...yes it's Them Lentils looking distinctly fuzzy courtesy of my mobile phone camera not being all that good in lower lighting conditions. 

Long time readers might recognise Snow White's wicked queen in the centre from panto season 2010. And, closest to the camera, Sudoku's scene-stealing sidekick (don't think I didn't notice the flagrant upstaging, Diddles), Gorbag, from 2011's Aladdin.

'Twas a great gig last night with Them Lentils on fine form. To highlight further the talents in this neck of the woods; also happening last night was an A-List fund raiser with Joss Stone "and Friends" in which Millbrook's own Alik Peters-Deacon played guitar for the major here to watch.

And I shall decline to mention, because it would self-serving and shameless, that there's another great gig next week
At the Devon and Cornwall Inn. 
Saturday 17th November.
From 9pm onwards.
Should be well worth checking out.

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