Sunday, December 30, 2012

Father Christmas and All That

Right where were we before being so rudely interrupted by a surfeit of cheeriness, jollity and festivities?

Ah, yes, I remember - in the middle of nothing much of great import. As usual. Which means I have little to offer by way of bloggy entertainment except a short commentary on the Millbrooker Towers festive season so far.

This year's tree is a tad smaller than some in the past as we were expecting the long awaited new kitchen to be fully functional in time for Christmas. This would mean the tree being at the back of the living room where space is at more of premium than it is in the front window. The new kitchen is not, of course, fully functional and the revised ETC (estimated time of cooking) is late February.

Tree decorating got underway almost as soon as the Wizzers of Soz arrived home for the season. Note festive outfit of mini skirt matched with fluffy pink dressing gown.

And before you could say "Old Nick" the day itself was upon us and a heavenly host descended from on high. Or from the first floor bedrooms, as we like to think of them.

Here we have (L-R) Jah Cousteau, Dozybean, Mohammed the Iffy and MinorEarthQwake.

And continuing the photographically circular route around the room: MinorEarthQwake (again - bloody camera hog), The Wizzers of Soz and Mrs The Millbrooker.

And last, but no means least, having travelled that very morning all the way from the frozen wastelands of the far north (Bath) - Trickers and Milly. Trickers, you'll note, was putting in an early bid for the Unflattering Photo of the Day Award.

What with it being the First Day of Christmas, as mentioned in a certain well known ditty, it seemed only fitting to give a suitable present to my true love. Here she is proudly displaying the first gift of the day.

For the less eagle-eyed amongst you - here it is in close-up format.

You will have worked out by now that it's a root vegetable wrapped in paper imprinted with the image of the late, great, Dr Who and Worzel Gummidge actor. Yes, indeed, ladies and germs - on the first day of Christmas, my true love was the (improbably) grateful recipient of a "Parsnip in a Pertwee".

An afternoon of over-indulgence followed and there was plenty of present giving between consenting adults and a valiant attempt by Dozybean to overtake Trickers in the very stiff competition for Unflattering Photo of the Day whilst Mohammed the Iffy constantly flinched from the passing flying reindeer.

YarMatt and Ben joined us a bit later, bringing NooNoo with them.

And on the festivities went....I was the very pleased recipient of a cracking new hat (thank you Milly and Trickers) and a smart new waistcoat (thank you Ben and YarMatt).

Not to be outdone in the sartorial stakes, MinorEarthQwake also showed off his newly received garment.

Ever so, ever so, ever so slowly the day drew to its close in a pleasant fug of port and Bordeaux induced sleepiness and Boxing Day was only just a few hours away . . . . .

 . . . . but that's for another posting.

I hope your Christmas, if you marked the day at all, was as enjoyable as ours in whatever way you wished it to be. New Year is a -coming . . . . and after that we can rest.


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