Saturday, December 15, 2012

Film Club Presents

And so we travel on through this season's offerings. It's the festive season, but Film Club resolutely ignores this fact and attempts to challenge its members with what we always hope will be interesting and/or entertaining works of cinematic art.

This weeks presentation will be Francois Ozon's recent comedic release Potiche.

I'll quote Peter Bradshaw (one of my favourite film critics) from the review which made me put this one on the Film Club list:

"If Hillary and Tenzing were to erect a tent at Everest's peak, on stilts, the overall effect could not be more high camp than this bizarre and often hilarious 1970-set drawing-room comedy . . ." (the full review is here).

Might be fun - hope to see all the usual suspects in the usual place, at the usual time.

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