Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The First Arrival

Someone has to be first. And it is, at least, December.

Last year Total Butler (the oil company) to whom we transfer large amounts of hard-earned in return for fuel to heat Millbrooker Towers were first past the finishing line with festive greetings that showed how much they cared about our well being. Or money.

Yesterday the first in what we hope will be a minor deluge of cards from anyone who isn't Total Butler or a bank plopped gently onto the flagstones of Millbrooker Towers' porch floor.

So congratulations are due for winning this year's race to the doorstep. And those congratulations are due to Sarah - whom I first met at the Gigspanner gig in Bath only last month (to be fair, Mrs The MIllbrooker has known Sarah for millenia).

I have but one grainy photo with which to illustrate which Sarah I mean, and it's not the most flattering - but I know how those of you in the cheap seats will enjoy checking out what an organised person who manages to send Christmas cards out before the 21st of December looks like.

Thank you, Sarah, your card is much appreciated (and, no, I'm not being sarky). When we've finally got around to sorting ourselves out, we'll send some out too.

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