Sunday, February 03, 2013

Film Club Presents:

Somewhat later than I should be announcing these things . . . .

This week's presentation on the hamster-wheel driven cathode ray tube that we laughingly refer to as our silver screen will be (cue drum roll and trumpet fanfare):

Yes indeed, Aki Kaurismaki's 1999 silent Finnish drama-comedy-romance, Juha. Using all the early 20th century silent movie techniques including caption boards for dialogue, and telling a story of the eternal triangle in 1970s Finland.

Juha was originally intended to be seen accompanied by a live orchestra. Sadly Millbrooker Towers lacks a suitable orchestra pit, so we'll have to make do with the DVD's recorded soundtrack. I'm sure we'll manage.

Hope to see all the usual suspects there (plus the Wizzers of Soz and MinorEarthQwake).

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