Saturday, February 02, 2013

Gigspanner Did It Again

"It made my heart sing!" commented one of his young friends when Jah Cousteau asked whether she'd enjoyed her introduction to the wonders of the music that the Gigspanner boys make.

Yesterday evening, in the unusual surroundings of the wedding reception marquee at Mount Edgcumbe House, the Rame Peninsula was once again treated to a top class performance by our old friends Peter, Roger and Vincent.

They're on tour for the rest of this month (dates are here) and if they're coming anywhere remotely close to where you are I can't recommend highly enough that you grab a ticket and get thee along to watch, listen and absorb the magic that they weave. 

Mrs The Millbrooker and I last saw them back in November (yes, I know we see them more often than most - they're mates as well as world class musicians) in Bath; at that performance they were the most polished, the tightest, I've ever seen them. And that's no mean feat.

As if to prove that music is ephemeral and exists only in the moment that it's played, last night's performance was entirely different: intimate, looser, fun. And I loved it even better that way. Gigspanner looked and played as if they were having a ball.

We were only able to grab a few short minutes of chinwagging with the boys and the always lovely Debs, but I'm sure other opportunities will arise.

I've no idea when Gigspanner will return to our little corner of the world, in reputation and stature they've undoubtedly outgrown us. But we can be confident they will come back - I get the feeling the band regard the Rame Peninsula as their home territory - and I, for one, am very very glad that they do.

Here they are in Bath last November, Sitting on Top of the World.

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